Payment Solutions
(P-Card) Program

Our professionals understand the need for businesses to better manage and streamline spending. To that end, we developed the Payment Solutions P-Card, which allows organizations to take advantage of the existing credit card infrastructure to make electronic payments for a variety of business expenses.

The Payment Solutions P-Card can deliver an alternative and less expensive method to traditional paper-based purchase orders and check-based payments, which in turn helps to reduce transaction costs, streamline internal procedures, and reduce risks, all while producing an annual revenue stream in the form of cash rebates.

By allowing organizations to acquire goods and services more readily and pay one monthly bill for those expenses, P-Cards can help organizations optimize their cashflow. P-Cards also enable organizations to set a wide variety of security controls such as monthly credit limits, per transaction limits and merchant category code blocking. Organizations can monitor and control purchases through a secure web-based portal and have up-to-date tracking of all expenses.


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